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The Roy Faires Collection, no. 28 - Spotlight on The Accused (1988)
Austin History Center
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    Preview of The Accused (1988) and interview with one of its stars, actress Kelly McGillis
    McGillis talks about her personal connection to the film's subject matter, as a rape victim herself
    Roy Faires asks McGillis about the possibility of her playing a different role in the film
    Spotlight on and interview with actress Jodie Foster about her role in the film The Accused, for which Foster won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
    Foster discusses the importance of an Academy Award nomination to the industry versus an actor
    Faires asks Foster about how she relates to her characters
    Faires hails the exemplary performance by Foster in his review of The Accused
    Punchline (1988) "rings with truth"