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UT Tower Shooting, Unedited Clips (1966)
Gordon Wilkison
Silent  |
1966  |
| English
  • Map
  • Highlights
    The UT Tower
    Pedestrians carrying an injured person to safety
    Pedestrians taking cover from sniper fire
    Pedestrians moving injured to safety
    People frantic, running to safety
    Deceased victim of the sniper on campus
    Shooting at the sniper inside the UT Tower
    Victims, both deceased and injured, being taken out of the snipers range
    Making radio recordings- NTBC vehicle
    Pedestrians taking cover from sniper fire
    Bullet hole through a campus window
    Law enforcement and medics rushing to get to sniper victims
    Deceased victims of the sniper, throughout campus
    Armored vehicle on campus
    Deceased victims of the sniper on campus
    Law enforcement firing on sniper
    Crowds of pedestrians and law enforcement
    Rushing injured sniper victim into the back of a hearse
    Firing on the UT Tower
    Injured victims being carried to safety
    The snipers arsenal
    Meeting about event