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Angry Waters - Worst Flood in Texas History (1967)
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    Rio Grande Flood Waters From Hurricane Beulah
    Emergency Relief Centers
    "The Worst Flood Of The 20th Century"
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    Flood waters of the Rio Grande, swollen by torrential rains of Hurricane Beulah, ravaged South Texas.
    It's the worst flood in the state's history, and the threat of disease, hunger, and polluted water follows in its wake.  
    With Mexico awash from the Gulf to the Pacific, a total of 200,000 are homeless, the damages top 1 billion dollars.
    The combined Mexico-Texas death toll is over 40, and emergency relief centers are crowded with the homeless, injured, and ill. 
    Entire cities were inundated, their residents forced to flee.
    Farmlands are ruined, and the citrus crop devastated, South Texas applies for federal designation as a major disaster area.
    With the Rio Grande slowly receding, the massive flooding ends, but it will be many months before life here returns to any kind of normalcy, as Texas suffers the last stages of what many call the worst flood of the 20th century.