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KTBC-Fox 7 at 50 (2002)
Cactus and Peggy Davis Pryor
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2002 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    Lady Bird Johnson founds the station
    Dick Ellis describes the early days of the station
    April Molina discusses its affiliation with Fox
    Historic broadcasts from the station, including the 1966 UT Tower shooting
    Carrie Schumacher on children's programming, such as The Uncle Jay Show
    Mike Rosen on political coverage and the 1963 Kennedy assassination
    Weather coverage by KTBC
    Sports coverage, including The Darrell Royal Show
    Dennis de la Peña and Audie Garrido discuss UT baseball
    About the UT golf program with Tom Kite and Tom Crenshaw
    Katherine Kisiel interviews Cactus Pryor
    Tour of KTBC with Pryor
    Bill Moyers on his career