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Elissa (1980)
Galveston Historical Foundation
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    History of the Elissa
    Peter Throckmorton discovers the vessel at a salvage yard in the port of Athens, Greece, and restoration plans start to form
    The Galveston Historical Foundation purchases the ship
    About the Elissa's original construction
    Repairing the ship's iron hull
    Walter Rybka (left) and Michael Creamer (right). Creamer ran the ship model shop at the South Street Seaport Museum in Galveston. He and Paul Gaido made the initial approach to the Galveston Historical Foundation about purchasing the Elissa. After the Foundation took on the project, Creamer traveled to Greece to oversee the first stage of the restoration process.
    About the Aberdeen bow
    Ceremonial ship launching and towing preparations
    Final inspection before leaving Greece
    A problem arises
    The Elissa departs for Gibraltar
    About the vessel's original owner
    Traditions of sail
    Why preserve old ships?
    Passage to Galveston
    Formal homecoming celebration