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Wall Street of the West: The Story of the Fort Worth Stockyards (2001)
Linda Joy Sanders
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Fort Worth becomes a major rail terminal 
    Tourism in Forth Worth Stockyards
    Texas Cattle in 1870
    Paddock's Tarantula Map
    First Texas and Pacific Bridge over Trinity River 1874
    Meatpacking Industry comes to Fort Worth
    Stockyards in Niles City, the Richest Little City Per Capita
    March 14, 1911, fire at the Feeders and Breeders Show
    Meatpacking industry and process
    Cowtown Coliseum, March 1908
    Quanah Parker and his tribe visit the new Coliseum
    Bill Pickett, a cowboy of African-American and Cherokee ancestry. Pickett invented the act of "bulldogging" where the cowboy wrestles the steer to the ground. The method involved biting the steer on the lip, like he had seen cattle dogs do.
    Enrico Caruso sings at the Coliseum in 1920
    Elvis Presely has a concert at the Coliseum in 1956
    1942 flood causes great damage
    C.C French talks ranchers into raising hogs
    Report from Texas film
    Transporting livestock moves from rail to trucks
    Armor meatpacking closes its doors in 1962, Swift closes in 1971
    The stockyards become a tourist destination