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Adenauer Funeral
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    President Johnson at the funeral
    The president shown walking in the procession
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    Cologne's historic cathedral is the scene of solemn funeral rites for Konrad Adenauer. Mourners from all over the world join Der Alte's immediate family in paying final homage to the revered statesman. 
    French President De Gaulle, President Johnson, here with West German Chancellor Kiesinger, are among the many international figures in attendance. 
    Moving to his final rest, the admired leader who changed foes to friends leaves a heritage of fraternity to a disturbed world.
    Willy Brandt is part of the universality of sorrow that exists for Der Alte's passing.
    Saluted as one of the Rhine's greatest sons, Konrad Adenauer will be carried on the waters of the famous river to his burial site at Rhöndorf. The end of a long life devoted to good. Another immortal for the annals of history.