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Blue Öyster Cult Concert and Interview (1975)
Jim Ruddy
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1975 |
| English
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    Blue Öyster Cult performs their song "Flaming Telepaths"
    BOC soundman George Geranios mixing the show; Geranios now lives in Texas and is a sound man at the University of Texas at Austin!
    Backstage with the road crew
    The man in the red shirt running the lights and drinking Schlitz is John Watkins. Standing next to him in leather & shades is Sandy Pearlman who managed BOC and wrote a lot of their material.
    The band performs another song
    Check out that 1970s rock fashion
    Sam Judd BOC roadie standing on side of stage black shirt with circle logo on front
    Glen Cotita in black shirt with Red BOC emblem putting dolly under big yellow case
    The Faces take the stage next, heard in the background
    Rick Reyer packing Marshall heads in case
    The woman on the podium in dark dress with a light-colored sash, her hair up, is Georgia Laschinger, co-publisher of The Gilmer Mirror
    Band member Eric Bloom compliments Texas audiences