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UT Longhorns 1963 Championship Season
Gordon Wilkison
Silent |
1963 |
| English
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    In their conference opener, the Longhorns defeat the Texas Tech Red Raiders 49-7 in Austin
    Texas upsets no. 1-ranked Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown in Dallas
    The top-ranked Longhorns come away with a 17-13 win in Arkansas
    Back in Austin, Texas defeats Rice 10-6
    The Longhorns beat SMU 17-12 in Dallas
    Shutout victories against Baylor and TCU in Austin
    After their 15-13 win over Texas A&M in College Station, the undefeated Longhorns become the consensus national champions
    Offensive lineman George Bass
    Defensive lineman Scott Appleton. Appleton was awarded the Outland Trophy the same year.
    Center David McWilliams. McWilliams returned to the team in 1970 as a coach, serving as an assistant coach and defensive coordinator under Darrell K Royal and Fred Akers before taking over as head coach in 1987.
    Offensive lineman Kenneth Halm
    Defensive lineman Bob Casseday