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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, June and July 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Baytown Plane Crash: Law enforcement rush to the scene of a plane crash in Baytown
    Scharft on Ciurdom: An unidentified man laments the number of police officers in Houston, blaming the news media for public apathy about law enforcement. He then describes Houston as a city "ripe" for organized crime. According to the Houston Police Officers' Union, the department had 1,337 officers in 1966.
    Dallas Flood: Aftermath of flooding in the Dallas area
    GT9 Rendevous [sic] NASA Color: The Gemini spacecraft attempts to rendezvous with the Augmented Target Docking Adapter while in orbit. Gemini 9A launched from Cape Kennedy on June 3, 1966. Its crew included astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan. In addition to rendezvousing with the adapter, Cernan also conducted a two-hour extravehicular activity. The spacecraft returned to Earth on June 6.
    The nose fairing of the adapter failed to separate due to a launch preparation error, making docking with the Gemini spacecraft impossible. 
    S, 07/04/66: Dinner outside the headquarters of the Houston Harris County Economic Opportunity Organization
    Ben Barnes: Ben Barnes, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, comments on a grievance expressed by Houston Mayor Louie Welch about the Texas Legislature. 
    A KHOU reporter speaks with an airline passenger who experienced an emergency landing. After three failed attempts to land in Houston, the plane eventually landed in Dallas.