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The Bentsen Film Collection, no. 8 - Reception at Family Home
Museum of South Texas History
c. 1930s
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    The grounds of Alton Bentsen's residence in Mission, TX
    The couple behind the cake are Matt & Bernie Walling, the parents of Leone Walling Bentsen. She is the second wife of Alton Bentsen. The occasion is their 50th anniversary.
    The couple walking through the film together were Matt & Bernie Walling.
    The w oman in the blue dress walking toward the camerais Leone Walling Bentsen, wife of Alton Bentsen.  Alton is doing the filming.
    In the home of Alton Bentsen on north Conway in Mission, TX.
    B rief view of woman in blue dress is Vivian Bentsen, wife of Marion Bentsen.
    Brief view of tall white-haired woman with white coursage is Teena Bentsen, Mrs. Peter Bentsen. She is the mother of the entire Bentsen clan.