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A Simple Matter of Justice (1978)
Keller Barron
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1978 |
| English
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    Actress Jean Stapleton reviews the latest episode of All in the Family with the cast and crew
    Stapleton's co-star, Carroll O'Connor
    Actress Sally Struthers
    The women's movement begins with the fight for suffrage
    Keller Bumgardner, a delegate from South Carolina
    Carole Sheahan, parliamentarian of the Florida delegation
    Roberta Johnson, a delegate from Illinois
    Laura "Tibbie" Roberts, leader of the group representing the United Methodists Church and a delegate from North Carolina
    Jill Ruckelshaus, a member of the 1976 IWY Commission, leads an opening pledge
    Bella Abzug, a former congresswoman and the presiding officer of the 1977 IWY Commission
    Exhibits on display in the neighboring Albert Thomas Convention Center. In addition to official proceedings, the conference also organized programming that was free and open to the public. Dubbed Seneca Falls South in honor of the first women's conference, the program included 200 exhibits, 26 skills clinics and workshops, and the "Briefings from the Top" lecture series featuring prominent women in government.
    The struggle for equal pay
    The conversation turns to the Equal Rights Amendment
    Congresswoman Barbara Jordan delivers the keynote address
    Jordan shakes hands with First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former First Ladies Betty Ford and Lady Bird Johnson before receiving an embrace from Coretta Scott King
    Rosalynn Carter expresses her support for the ERA at the Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Assembly, a pre-conference organized by ERAmerica. To the left of Carter is Liz Carpenter, former press secretary to First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. Carpenter was a charter member of the National Women's Political Caucus and national co-chair of ERAmerica. 
    Betty Friedan
    Opponents to the Equal Rights Amendment, including Phylllis Schlafly
    Ruckelshaus underlines the simple guarantee of the ERA
    Members of the conservative IWY Citizen's Review Committee turned out en masse to state and territorial meetings, hoping to influence recommendations and win inclusion among delegations. After securing only 20 percent of the delegate seats, the opposition decided to host the Pro-Life, Pro-Family Rally in Houston on the same weekend as the National Women's Conference. Similar to the conference's National Plan of Action, the rally prepared a Request to the President and Congress with resolutions against reproductive freedom, the ERA, and LGBTQ rights. 
    Delegates debate the ERA on the conference floor
    Susan B. Anthony, grandniece of the suffragette, shares her support for the ERA resolution
    Commissioner Mary Anne Krupsak, the lieutenant governor of New York, presides over the enthusiastic vote to adopt the resolution. Delegates adopted the resolution by a standing vote of approximately five to one, prompting singing and dancing to break out in the aisles.
    Stapleton reflects on her experience with her roommate, Bernice Baer, a delegate-at-large from Washington, DC