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Sugar...Pure Cane Sugar
Sugar Land Heritage Foundation
Sound |
1960s |
| English
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    History of sugar cane in North America
    The beginnings of Imperial Sugar Company
    Images of sugar cane set to a song about sugar cane
    Port of Galveston, where sugar imported from Hawaii, Louisiana, and Latin America arrives
    The sugar arrives at a warehouse in Sugar Land
    The sugar laboratory examines a sugar sample
    An animation depicting the first phase of the refining process
    Sugar liquid enters the 8-story char house, the most iconic building of the entire factory, to begin crystallization 
    The moist crystals undergo a drying process, as explained with another short animation
    A maintenance shop builds and maintains necessary equipment
    Employees at Imperial from management to laborer, hold high standards of work
    Transporting the sugar
    The packaging department fascinates visitors from all over
    Within the sugar warehouse
    A fleet of Imperial transporting trucks
    Sugar is all around us!