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The Tyrrell Historical Library Collection - Designer Ada Duckett (1979)
Tyrrell Historical Library
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1979 |
| English
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    Miss America 1980, Cheryl Prewitt
    Duckett's impressions of Prewitt
    Prewitt models the supersuit. Duckett invented the supersuit in 1979, when whe altered a swimsuit she bought off the rack. Debra Maffett, Miss Beaumont 1979 and future Miss America 1983, was the first contestant to wear it. The original supersuit and another Duckett altered made their way around the pageant circuit for five years. In 1985, Duckett began producing new supersuits. All five wearers in the 1986 Miss America pageant made it to the top ten, with one—Susan Akin—taking home the crown.