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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 26 - 28, 1967
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Apollo II Wood Carving, 12/28/67: An artist shows off a large wood carving he made to in honor of the planned lunar landing
    DOA on Frwy, 12/28/67: Police respond to a highway fatality 
    Courts Closed, 12/26/67: Inside an empty courtroom
    Traffic Accident, 12/27/67: First responders rescue a motorist from an overturned car
    Housing Code No, 12/27/67: Residents sign a petition to repeal a housing code
    Mary Galleyger [sic] 101 years old, 12/28/67: Faith Memorial Nursing Home hosts a party to celebrate the 101st birthday of resident Mary Gallagher. KHOU reporter Judd McIlvain asks the birthday girl about when she first came to Pasadena.
    Port, 12/27/67: The Port of Houston following a series of major improvements totaling over $47 million
    McIlvain speaks with a State Representative Jim Clark about the need for infrastructure legislation to protect the lives and property near the Port of Houston
    Bum Dies with $$ [sic], 12/28/67: Law enforcement count the amount of money found on a deceased person 
    Court Wrap, 12/26/67: McIlvain comments on the the number of empty courtrooms in spite of a serious case backlog in the Criminal Courts of Harris County
    Post Xmas Shoplifting, 12/26/67: Shoppers in search of discounts flock to stores on the day after Christmas