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Interstellar Journey: Lorg's Chamber, Part I
O'Brien Stanley
c. 1970s
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Opening sequence
    Somewhere on Earth 
    USS Constitution
    Back on Earth
    Captain John T. Powers
    Lt. Comm. Travis at USS Constitution's control center
    Back on Earth
    Photos of the Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston
    The USS Constitution, the US's first deep space star ship
    A prerecorded tour of the ship
    The ship prepares to launch
    Jupiter's radiation hits the ship
    Lt. Comm. Traft reads the ship's damage reports
    Captain Powers and Lt. Comm. Travis leave for the ion transfer department
    Travis and Hartman switch places
    Lt. Comm. Traft reads an important message 
    An alien planet beams Powers and Traft from the ship
    Powers and Traft find themselves on Lorg's planet