Charles Edward Swafford Collection - Celebrations and Amusement Parks (1967, 1970)
Tonda Chapa
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1967  |
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    Birthday feast for grandpa with family members waving to the camera
    A 1967 tinsel Christmas tree and presents
    Driving the tractor on the field
    The family embarks on a road trip: 217 miles until El Paso
    Quick stop to an overlook at the Carlsbad Caverns
    Montague, Texas
    AstroWorld in Houston. The park opened on June 1, 1968, as part of the Astrodomain, a development complex owned by former Houston Mayor Roy Hofheinz. Six Flags bought the park in 1975, operating it until its closure in 2005.
    View of the Astrodome
    Watersports on the theme park lake
    Dolphins and penguins at Sea-Arama Marineworld