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Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clare with Their Kiddie Troupers (1970)
Shawna Rodriguez
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  • Highlights
    A group of children deliver a Carmen Miranda-inspired performance
    Don Mahoney introduces actress Annette O'Toole. O'Toole, a Houston native, was allegedly discovered after appearing on the program as a small child. 
    O'Toole relives her first appearance on the show and talks about her upcoming role on The Partridge Family
    O'Toole sings "Didn't We"
    O'Toole was not the only performer to get her start on Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clare with Their Kiddie Troupers. Musicians Johnny and Edgar Winter—brothers and Beaumont natives—also made their debut on the program
    Children from the Niland School of Dance in Pearland perform a routine to "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" 
    A boy sings "Angels in the Sky" while accompanying himself on guitar
    Mahoney asks O'Toole about her appearance in the television series The Men from Shiloh (originally known as The Virginian)
    Mahoney's daughter Claire performs a tap dance to "Sleigh Ride," then her sister Maria sings "The Christmas Song"
    Jeanna Clare sings a musical rendition of the Lord's Prayer