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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February 15 - 27, 1963
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Schwartz, 02/25/63: State Senator A. R. "Babe" Schwartz speaks to his colleagues on the floor of the Texas Senate. 
    Wagner [sic] Carr, 02/25/63: Interview with Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr, possibly about attempts to settle the Chamizal Dispute. 
    United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy holds a press conference at William P. Hobby Airport on February 15, 1963. Kennedy stopped in Houston as part of his tour of US Attorneys' offices. 
    Harvey Gantt was an African-American student was who denied admittance to Clemson College (now Clemson University) on the basis of race. He filed a lawsuit against the school and ultimately gained admittance in January 1963. 
    Dean Rusk, 02/26/63: United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk comments on the growing tension with Cuba during a meeting of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association in Houston.
    Rusk references the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Pensionless Cop, 02/26/63: A police officer is hospitalized for a debilitating injury. Later, a member of the Houston City Council comments on the legal need to protect city employees.
    =CHIU=, 02/27/63: Witnesses testify at a trial. 
    Elliot, 02/27/63: Harris County Judge William M. Elliott comments on the ongoing dispute between the Harris County Commissioners Court and the City of Houston about financing a new hospital. The Ben Taub General Hospital of Houston and Harris County opened in May.