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Faces of Amarillo No. 7 - Image (1987)
Panhandle PBS
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1987 |
| English
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    Pam House on the homogeneity of Tascosa High School
    Patty Jo Solnick Mandel on being Jewish in Amarillo
    The Rev. Jacinto Alderete on the diversity within the Hispanic community in Amarillo
    Al Bednorz on the diversity of the Southeast Asian community and the conflict between assimilation and integration
    Olive Cooper Melin reflects on her mother "bobbing" hair and the shock it caused amongst the community
    Phyllis Bowen Standridge on the middle class in Amarillo and 1950s fashion
    Alleen Coffee on conformity amongst young boys in school
    Sharon Tolzien McDonald on hairstyles
    Laurel Robertson FitzPatrick on women's pantsuits and other fashion trends in the 1970s
    Ben Sargent on coffeehouses, folk music, and rock music in the Panhandle
    Dr. W. Winfred Moore on his distaste of the social changes in the 1960s
    Laurel Robetson FitzPatrick on "Cosmic Cowboy" culture 
    Dr. Fred Rathjen and Dr. Paul Chalfant on how Amarillo identifies with, fears, and observes other cultures such as Dallas and New York
    Delmas Howe discusses how he uses the culture of New York and/or Texas to make an appeal to sell his art
    Kirk Richards on local Amarillo art