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The TCU Football Collection - TCU at Texas (1961)
Texas Christian University
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  • Highlights
    Representatives from both teams meet at the center of the field for the coin toss
    Texas halfback Jimmy Saxton darts for 45 yards to the TCU 10-yard line, but the tackle knocks him unconscious
    TCU stops the Texas offense on fourth and goal at the 1-yard line
    TCU Athletic Director and Head Coach Abe Martin
    The Horned Frogs sack Texas quarterback Mike Cotten on third and goal, forcing a field goal attempt
    Start of the second quarter
    TCU quarterback Sonny Gibbs scores a touchdown on a trick pass out of Texas' playbook
    Start of the third quarter
    Texas intercepts the ball on a tipped pass
    Start of the fourth quarter
    Texas recovers its own fumble in the red zone, but fails to convert on fourth and goal
    Another sack by TCU puts Texas deep into their own territory
    Final minute
    TCU intercepts the ball on Texas' final drive, effectively ending the game
    TCU fans rush the field after the team's upset win