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The Roy Faires Collection, no. 50 - Interviews about Austin City Council Lawsuit (1981)
Austin History Center
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1981 |
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    Interview with a member of the Austin City Council about potential changes to the city charter
    Reporter Pat Comer asks the council member if the proposed system is discriminatory and unconstitutional, the claim of a pending lawsui
    Comer speaks with another council member, questioning his approach to attracting voters in an upcoming bond election
    The councilman discusses the upcoming trial about changes to the council's election system
    Comer records several takes of his report on the lawsuit for 24 Action News
    Interview with Jonathan Davis, attorney for the Black Citizens Task Force, which was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Austin City Council
    How the single-member district plan discriminates against minorities
    Comer asks about a presumed gentleman's agreement in the current at-large system