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Clips of Austin on November 22, 1963
Gordon Wilkison
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     Incomplete set up on the Governor's Mansion lawn for a reception planned for the evening of November 22
    Texas State Capitol Building with flags at half-staff
    Driving northbound on Congress Avenue
    The "newsboy" is Tom Attra, who sold newspapers downtown from 1928 until 1980. After World War II, he was in charge of all downtown sales for the morning Austin American and the evening Democratic Statesman. He later worked as a valet and greeter both at the Driskill and the Bradford-Austin. Tom also won the Golden Gloves championship in 1942 in the light-heavyweight division.  (1) Attra Street in the Mueller development is named for him.     1) Turner, Robyn. Austin Originals: Chats with Colorful Characters (1980).
    The State Theatre