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The Old Corral (1936)
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1936 |
| English
  • Highlights
    Opening Credits
    Gene Autry comes onto the scene singing "The Old Corral"
    A real Wild West hold-up
    "One Man Band" performed by Smiley Burnette
    Autry chases down the bandits
    The sheriff meets his leading lady
    "He's Gone, He's Gone Up the Trail" sung by the Sons of the Pioneers
    "In the Heart of the West" and "Money Ain't No Use Anyway"
    Back in Chicago...
    Autry leads the parade in Turquoise City
    "Silent Trails" by the Sons of the Pioneers
    Battle of the singing cowboys! Autry gets into a fight with Roy Rogers
    "Silent Trails" sung by the Sons of the Pioneers (including Rogers)
    The gangsters roll into town
    Autry performs "So Long Old Pinto" at the celebration
    Race to the Old Corral