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Tribute to Darrell Royal (1981)
Gordon Wilkison
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  • Highlights
    Darrell Royal is born in Hollis, Oklahoma
    Royal begins to make a name for himself as a football player
    Royal starts his coaching career
    As head coach of the Texas Longhorns
    National Championship seasons
    Darrell and Edith Royal recreate his coming up with the idea of the wishbone formation
    The Game of the Century
    1970 season, including a record-setting pep rally at Memorial Stadium
    Royal expresses his thoughts on losing
    Defensive Coordinator Mike Campbell
    Spoof commercials by teammates at the 1973 Western Barbecue, beginning with defensive back Jay Arnold
    Fullback Roosevelt Leaks
    Linebacker Toby Stolhandske
    David Bartek, Mike Presley, Jay Arnold, and Fred Currin
    Trainer Frank Medina
    1976 season, Royal's last as head coach
    Royal with Willie Nelson
    Showband of the Southwest