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Special Release: President Assassinated (1963)
Nations Archives and Records Administration
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    The highlights of President's Kennedy's presidency
    The Kennedy family at the White House
    President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in Dallas
    The motorcade in downtown Dallas
    The 6th floor window and the fatal shots
    Oswald, "a pro-Castro Texan who once sought Soviet citizenship", is captured after reportedly killing a police officer
    The President's death is announced at Parkland Hospital
    "A shocked nation weeps."
    Reactions across the nation and world
    The UN General Assembly observes a moment of silence
    President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in
    The President's body is moved from Air Force One to the Capitol
    Jackie Kennedy on the arm of brother-in-law, U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy
    President and First Lady Johnson exit Air Force One
    President Lyndon B. Johnson's public statement