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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 23, 1972
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Kidnapping - An agent speaks to the press about a local kidnapping incident, followed by Richard Taylor, husband of the victim answering reporters' questions. The woman, Victoria Valencia Taylor, was kidnapped from their West Texas City home on September 17, 1972, by assailants posing as customers wanting to buy burial insurance. Richard Taylor was the owner of the Mainland Funeral Home.
    Connally & Nixon, September 23, 1972 - Reporter Judd McIlvain covers a Democrats-for-Nixon event hosted by John and Nellie Connally at their Picosa Ranch in Floresville. Footage includes a photo-op with Richard and Pat Nixon and John and Nellie Connally as well as an interview with Houston Mayor Louie Welch. Connally served in the Nixon administration as the United States Secretary of Treasury from February 11, 1971, until June 12, 1972.
    Jordan - Texas State Senator Barbara Jordan gives a speech against the use of IQ tests in the public schools.
    Sports - Rice v. Clemson, - Silent footage of a football game between Rice University and Clemson University.  Rice won, 29 - 10.
    Sports - Astros - Footage of the end of a baseball game between the Houston Astros and the Cincinnati Reds. The Astros lost, 3 - 4. 
    Traffic Fatality - Silent footage of the scene of a traffic accident with a fatality.