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When it Rains
Lois Perucca
c. 1979
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Carle Bensen describes Houston's physical geography
    Excess rain water can be detrimental
    Flat land with clay-based soil floods easily when it rains
    Houston's skyline
    20th century asphalt and concrete does not absorb rainfall
    Dangerous floods occured until man made adjustments
    "Man had to help nature deal with the changes man had brought."
    What is considered heavy rainfall in Houston? How is it measured? What about its frequency? Benson describes 25 year and 100 year floods.
    Houston's neighborhood sewer and storm diagrams
    Improving the Bayous
    What happened in 1970?
    Houston's flooding problems got worse
    Proposed solutions
    Detention/Holding Ponds
    Channel improvement the key to flood control
    Call to action