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Our Texas Heritage (1963)
Internet Archive
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    Native Americans of Texas
    Spanish settlers come to Texas
    Franciscan monks propose missions in Texas
    Mission San José
    Stephen F. Austin's Old 300
    European settlers come to the Hill Country
    The Battle of Gonzales
    Liberty or Death and the new Texas flag
    The Battle of the Alamo
    The surrender at Goliad
    The Constitution of the Republic of Texas is adopted
    The Battle of San Jacinto
    German settlers in Fredericksburg
    Sacred Harp singing 
    Texas joins the United States in 1845 and bluebonnets became the state flower
    Jefferson, TX, the Mother of Texas, and Jay Gould's railroad
    Mexican Catholic culture in the Valley
    The Butterfield Stage Route and Fort Davis
    The story of Indian Emily
    The Texas Rangers
    Mining expeditions in West Texas
    Terlingua and its cinnabar mines
    Oil in Texas
    Spindletop boom
    Oil is overproduced in Texas, regulations are enforced
    The Texas cattle industry's early beginnings
    Charles Goodnight's cattle
    Cowboy culture
    Western range town boom
    Texas cattle breeds
    Barbed wire is invented, fencing ranges change the cattle industry
    The Brahman cattle
    King Ranch introduces the Santa Gertrudis
    The Texas Capitol Building