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The Local Gang in Kidnappers Foil - Childress, TX, c. 1936
Childress Theatre Company
c. 1936
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    Elbert "Cricket" Krigbaum is the shorter kidnapper in the dark suit.
    The little girl who says "Oh boy, can we go too?" is Rose Cates.
    The little girl who says "Oh, is that so!" and sticks out her tongue is Peggy Jo Privitt, now known as Peggy  Bohenek.
    Elbert "Cricket" Krigbaum is the kidnapper in the left of the frame.
    The man wearing a vest and tie in front of Gate City Creamery is John F. Cates, the owner.  He is the father of "Rosebud" Cates, the last performer at the talent show.
    Shirley Jean Krigbaum, with bow in hair, extolling the virtues of City Creamery ice cream.
    Rose "Rosebud" Cates