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The Man from Gober
Gordon Wilkison
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    Narrator: Gober, Fannin County, Texas. Hometown of James A (Jimmy) Turman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. It was on a farm near Gober that Jimmy Turman was born, thirty-four years ago and here received his early education. Jimmy Turman left to get his higher education and to teach school but he's always called Gober his home.
    He now resides with his wife and four-year-old son on his one-hundred-three acre farm near Gober. For the past seven years, Jimmy Turman has been spending much of his time in Austin, where he is now serving his fourth term in the legislature and is now Speaker and presiding officer of the house, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a representative. Now, here to visit with you for a few moments is James A Jimmy Turman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. 
    Turman: Fellow Texans, my program is simple. I promise, when elected to Lt. Governor to preside over the state Senate in a fair and efficient manner. I'm determined to preserve the god-given personal and political liberties of all citizens. In the performance of my duty, I pledge diligence, integrity and fairness to all.
    I, Jimmy Turman, firmly believe it is the will, and certainly the right of all citizens to decide all issues through their duly elected state officials and not through any lobby organization in Austin. Those who know me will vouch that I am not controlled by any clique or faction, which is evidenced by the fact that I am supported by Texans in all walks of life: businessmen, educators, professional men and women, housewives, industry, labor, farmers, merchants, and ranchers.
    I am particularly proud of my endorsements from people in the profession or which I am trained: education. Furthermore, as my record will attest, I have done and will do everything in my power to improve the public school system in Texas. I say this because it is my firm conviction that the schools are the first line of defense against the penetration of communism into our American way of life.
    I support adequate care programs for senior citizens, the disabled, the needy blind and the dependent children, and the mentally ill. For the protection and safety of the citizens of Texas, stronger criminal and civil laws must be enacted - particularly laws to eliminate obscene photographs and literature. I maintain that the time has arrived for the enactment of truly effective lobby legislation for punishment of those who by wrongful means attempt to influence legislation.
    During the past 15 months, I has served as speaker and presiding officer of the house of representatives. This honor, the highest that can be bestowed upon any House member, came after three terms in the house, representing Fannin County.
    This experience and my record of more than 7 years is the basis on which I ask for promotion to Lt. Governor.
    I'm the only candidate in the race with the experience of organizing a legislative House, in formulating the state policy and then conducting the day-by-day routine that goes with presiding over a legislative body.  
    Remember, our state government needs experience and proven men and women to run your state affairs. I, Jimmy Turman have that experience, and respectfully ask you to vote for and support me for Lt. Governor. Thank you. 
    Narrator: Promote Jimmy Turman to Lt.Governor.