Old Home Bread

While working as a creative director for the advertising agency Bozell & Jacobs, Bill Fries created this advertising campaign for Metz Baking Company’s Old Home Bread in 1973. Bert Rodriguez’s company Image House, based in Dallas, produced the series, with Rodriguez himself acting as director. The ads are narrated by singer C. W. McCall (the nom de chanteur for Bill Fries) and feature a truck driver played by Dallas actor Jim Finlayson and a waitress named Mavis Davis, played by Dallas actress Jean McBride Capps. Several of the commercials from the series won Clio Awards, the advertising industry’s equivalent of an Emmy or Academy Award. 

C. W. McCall fills up his tank and his stomach at the...
C. W. McCall's dog Sloan falls in love with a poodle
C. W. McCall gets stuck in a blizzard
C. W. McCall finally pops the question to Mavis
C. W. McCall and Sloan make an Old Home donuts delivery
McCall and company enjoy an Old Home picnic on a fishi...
C. W. McCall's Old Home truck breaks down
C. W. McCall brings his father with him on the road