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Webb County Heritage Foundation - Founders’ Day Celebration (2003)
Webb County Heritage Foundation
English and Spanish
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    Dr. Jose Roberto Juarez, former professor at Texas A&M International University in Laredo
    Professor Carlos Valle of Texas A&M International University tells the story of the founding of Laredo in 1755
    The creation of the Republic of the Rio Grande
    Commemorating the 1840 inauguration of Jesús de Cárdenas as president of the Republic of the Rio Grande with an honorary inauguration ceremony selecting Dr. Ray Keck as president
    Keck addresses the crowd
    Juarez and Valle resume the story
    Reenactment of the Civil War Battle of Laredo on March 19, 1864
    Reenactment of the Laredo Election Riot on April 7, 1886. Historian C. L. Sonnichsen called the incident “one of the biggest gun battles in the entire history of the American West.” Tension between members of two rival political parties—the Botas (”Boots”) and Guaraches (”Sandals”)—turned into a gunfight when Botas attempted to stage a symbolic funeral for the Guaraches after the Botas won a close municipal election. More than 250 people were involved, and an estimated 30 people died.