The Eyes of Texas - 15th Anniversary Show (1984)
Larry Weidman
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    Ron Stone on the history of The Eyes of Texas
    Heritage Garden Village in Woodville. Now known as the Heritage Village Museum, the complex serves as one of Tyler County's main tourist attractions. The Village was assembled by Beaumont artist Clyde Gray.
    Dining at the Pickett House
    A few of the personalities who enriched the program
    Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
    Summer Mummers, an annual summer tradition in Midland
    Ila Loestcher, the "Turtle Lady" of South Padre Island
    Converting the Astrodome from baseball to football
    Eyes of Texas reunion
    Celebrating possums in Rhonesboro
    Rancher and dumpster diver Jake Yelderman of Damon
    Jalapeno and armadillo enthusiast Sam Lewis of San Angelo
    The Texas Rocker Company in Jasper
    Processing sugar cane to make syrup near Woodville
    Making glass art with Lenore Krause of San Antonio
    A mysterious disappearance in Paint Rock
    Country singer Clel Connor
    In memorium