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KPRC Building Opening and Dedication (1972)
1972 |
| English
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    Elsa Ransom was a television news producer, anchor, and reporter for KPRC-TV from 1970 to 1973. She is now an associate professor at the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law. 
    Inside the KPRC Radio offices and studios
    Executive and administrative offices, including the office for KPRC President and General Manager Jack Harris
    In-house film processing laboratory
    Projection room
    Videotape central
    Television master control
    Communications room
    Television news production desks, including the office of News Director Ray Miller
    Inside the control room
    Front lobby
    Larry Weidman reports on the dedication ceremony for the station's new facility on March 21. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson served as principal speaker at the event.