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Forests Are for People (1973)
Texas Forestry Museum
Sound |
1973 |
| English
  • Highlights
    After getting into a motorcycle accident, a college dropout named Bob makes the acquaintance of two foresters
    Perk takes Bob to the house, where he meets Jennifer, an ecologically conscious student researching forestry
    As Perk's wife Mary fulfills her role as housewife, the men discuss pigeonholes and computer technology
    Perk takes Bob and Jennifer into the woods, where Jennifer blames Perk for deforestation
    Vince shows Bob the nursery, where they discuss the influence of computer technology 
    Back at the house, Perk shows the young people a movie called The American Forest
    Two techniques of scientific harvesting, including selective cutting and clear cutting
    As Jenny continues to present the ecological argument against forestry, Bob and Perk convince her otherwise
    Jennifer visits a lumber manufacturing plant, where she learns about the prevalence of wood pulp in everyday life
    Jennifer brings her finished paper to the house