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Reflections: North of 36
Fort Bend County Libraries
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    Explaining how the director acquired the cattle needed for the film
    Search for Cows: Amy Briscoe Mahler tells the story of how her uncle, Mason Briscoe, who was 40 years old at the time the movie was filmed, was approached by the filmmakers to use Briscoe's cows and entertain the actors
    After the movie was released, a rodeo was held in Houston at the old coliseum called "North of 36 Rodeo", where Amy's father and uncle won $600
    Horses, Wranger, Action: Marci Hall tells how her parents were living on a ranch on the edge of Fort Bend at the time of the filming, and her father participated on set as a horse wrangler
    Pictures from the set
    Judge Carl Briscoe Bently recalls stories his grandmother and aunt told him about the filming of North of 36, where his aunt had a small role as a saloon dancer