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Tracings of Life
Art Schulze
Sound |
1970s |
| English
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    "And now, man has landed on the moon, an amazing display of modern technology."
    The demand for more advanced research resulted in the development of a multi-channel, multi-purpose physiological recording with internal calibration, time marker, nonskip inking system, and other tech features
    Demonstration on a patient and recording on three channels: ECG (electrical activity of the heart), respiration, and blood pressure
    Physiotape cassette recorder to record physiological responses
    The biofeedback system, which enables conscious control of nervous system functions
    Electromagnetic bloodflow meter, with demonstration on a dog
    Products in use on a subject performing a physiology experiment
    An artery and nerve of a dog is exposed, and when the artery is tied and an instrument inserted, the blood pressure, heart sound, and respiration can be measured through the Physiograph
    The force and contraction of a frog's leg muscle twitching can be measured
    The atrium and ventricle of a turtle are connected to a Narco Biosystems myograph (a tool to record muscle contractions) 
    "The physiograph recording system speaks for itself. When you need instrumentation for your life science research and teaching, think of Narco Biosystems"