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Sugar Land Heritage Foundation Collection - Road Trips and Special Occasions (1964, 1966, 1969, 1971, 1972)
Sugar Land Heritage Foundation
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    Driving through New Iberia, Louisiana after Hurricane Hilda. Hilda originated in Cuba on September 28, 1964. The hurricane soon moved towards the US Gulf Coast, hitting Louisiana particularly hard as a Category 4 storm. The hurricane caused massive destruction, including $126 million in damages and 38 casualties. 
    Sign for Bayou Teche at the Mississippi River in Louisiana
    A house
    Hattie Lee McCord and Aunt Nell
    Faye and Louis and children playing outside on a sunny day (1966)
    Road sign for Lufkin in Angelina County and Damascus, a town that no longer exists in Titus County
    Road sign for Corrigan in Polk County
    US Route 59 in Lufkin
    Taking a lunch break
    Entering Nacogdoches in Nacogdoches County
    Making their way towards Arkansas. Street sign for Garrison in Nacogdoches County and Timpson in Shelby County.
    Street sign for Mt. Enterprise and Henderson in Rusk County 
    Sign for Brady Mountain Lodge in Little Rock, Arkansas
    Swimming in a hotel pool
    View of the lodge
    James' graduation (1969)
    A big fish
    A young man poses with his surfboard 
    Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park
    Sign for Mount Locke of the Davis Mountains, location of the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis in Jeff Davis County
    Overland Trail in between El Paso and San Antonio 
    Opening presents at Christmas (1971)
    A young woman plays with a dog around a Chevrolet car in a driveway
    Spending time at the beach
    A young woman sits with her dog on the front lawn
    Taking pictures before prom
    Ray's graduation
    A golden retriever runs around outside