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The Stanley Collection - Narrative Shorts
O'Brien Stanley
c. 1970s
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    Short film: "Moon of the Wolf"
    Chief of Police Joe Daze dozes until a young O'Brien Stanley wakes him with an unsettling newspaper headline
    A boy slowly transforms into a werewolf
    Paul L. Boynton Library at Stephen F. Austin State University
    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary 
    Another disturbing headline about an attack
    Chief Daze chases the wolf man
    Short film: "Visitors from Outer Space"
    A newspaper headline about a UFO sighting
    A UFO in real life!
    A futile attempt to capture the UFO
    The UFO goes back into his spaceship
    The UFO returns, prompting another chase and battle
    Short film: "The Brain"
    Newspaper headline, "Woman Reports Stranger Beast"
    A terrifying beast lurks around town
    A plane takes off
    A torched plane in ruins lies on the ground
    A mysterious suitcase with Top Secret Missile Plans
    Car chase that ends in a knife fight