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Dehumanization and the Total Institution (1966)
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Museum
  • Highlights
    Detective Rob Spy receives a phone call from Chief
    Chief warns Spy about "dehumanization"
    Invisible Agent 5 describes each character's role
    Spy and A5 visit the police force and observe "De"
    A5 defines a "controlled community" as a "total institution"
    Spy and A5 visit the military, an example of a total institution
    Spy and A5 visit a prison 
    Spy and A5 visit a hospital for people who are mentally ill
    Spy and A5 read off a checklist of signs that dehumanization is present in a total institution
    A5 defines institutional neurosis to Spy
    Chief reads a list of questions in regards to dehumanization within institutions, specifically within mental hospitals