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The Dorothy Doolittle Collection - Men's Pole Vault Competitions (1985)
Elgin Public Library
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    Sergey Bubka sets an indoor world record for pole vault. Bubka competed for the Soviet Union at the 1988 Summer Olympics, and for Ukraine at the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Summer Olympics, winning a gold medal in pole vaulting in 1988. He also won six consecutive World Championship gold medals. Breaking the world record for men's pole vault 35 times over the course of his athletic career, Bubka still holds the outdoor world record at 6.14 meters.
    American record
    World record jumps
    Pierre Quinon clears 5.75 meters. Quinon served on the France Olympic Team at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Winning the gold medal in pole vaulting, he became the first French Olympic male pole vault champion.