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Faces of Amarillo No. 3 - Oil & Gas (1987)
Panhandle PBS
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    Lawrence Hagy on the rise of the oil and gas business in the Amarillo area and the first discovery of oil in 1918
    Finding oil and gas on the Masterson Ranch as related by Clarence Williams and the American Smelting and Texaco Plant in Amarillo
    Stanley Marsh III on his grandfather's oil experiences and other oil boom speculators
    S.B. Wittenberg on early oil workers flocking to Borger and Amarillo, resulting in a population boom and a degree of lawlessness in Amarillo
    Vesta Vineyard on the young oil workers and their lawlessness
    Ray Hollingsworth on his father's business and Amarillo Hotel and Palo Duro Hotel and its significance during the oil boom
    On the construction of housing and buildings for the oil workers such as Talmadge Place
    The decline of the oil boom with the discovery of oil in East Texas
    Tom Bivins summing up the three main industries in  1980s Amarillo: oil, cattle, and real estate