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Faces of Amarillo No. 2 - Promoters (1987)
Panhandle PBS
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1987 |
| English
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    Cal Farley's daughter, Genie Farley Harriman, on her father's influence on radio amongst Amarillo residents
    Putt Powell and Bob Izzard on the wrestling of Dutch Mantell and others
    Wrestling broadcast on radio and television
    Amarillo newspapermen and topics that amused people
    Cal Farley's publicity stunt to drop a Goodrich tire from an airplane to demonstrate its durability
    Cal Farley and the Maverick Club, a sports club for boys
    Boys Ranch, Texas orphanage for boys
    Parade put on by Cal Farley in Amarillo and Gene Howell and the founding of the Audubon Society in Amarillo
    The death of Cal Farley as discussed by Senator Bill Sarpalius