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The Driskell-Owens-Pickard Family Film Collection - Summer Vacation and Celebrations (1977-8)
Kelli L. Pickard
Silent |
1977 |
| N/A
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  • Highlights
    Aquarena Springs amusement park in San Marcos
    Ralph the Swimming Pig, one of the park's most popular attractions
    Brackenridge Park, including the San Antonio Zoo and Chinese Sunken Gardens (now known as the Japanese Tea Garden)
    Boat ride down the San Antonio River
    The Alamo and Hemisfair Park
    Texas State Capitol Building and Governor's Mansion
    University of Texas at Austin campus, including Texas Memorial Stadium
    Feeding Fritos to squirrels on the lawn of the Governor's Mansion
    Christmas in Longview
    Kelli's seventh birthday
    Graduation party at Oak Forest Country Club
    Christmas 1978