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The TCU Football Collection - Texas A&M at TCU (1959)
Texas Christian University
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  • Highlights
    Opening kickoff
    TCU recovers a Texas A&M fumble
    Start of the second quarter
    TCU fullback Jack Spikes scores a touchdown
    The Aggies fumble the kickoff return, setting up another TCU touchdown 
    TCU extends their lead to 22-0 after a flubbed PAT turns into a successful two-point conversion
    The Aggies quickly respond, making the score 22-6 going into halftime
    Start of the third quarter
    The Horned Frogs force another Aggie fumble
    Another touchdown puts TCU up 29-6
    The fourth quarter begins with another TCU touchdown, extending the lead to 36-6
    Aggie quarterback Charles Milstead throws an interception, setting up a TCU field goal
    Texas A&M fumbles again
    A penalty negates a long run by Aggie quarterback Powell Berry
    The game effectively ends with a sixth Aggie turnover