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Nacogdoches 1938
East Texas Research Center
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  • Highlights
    Girls show off their twirling skills
    Pine Burrs - Sawyers, All College Dance
    The SFASU basketball team
    A chemist mixing prescriptions at the drug store
    A group of men in overalls smile for the camera
    A serious small boy on a very small pony
    Navarro Cox Wholesale Tires
    College Grocery and Market
    Muckleroy Motor Co.
    United Gas Corporation
    A man visits United Gas' offices
    Electrolux refrigerators
    Girls in tap class
    Girls practicing archery
    Ladies on campus at Stephen F. Austin State University
    A marching percussion band of young children in uniform
    Nacogdoches Dry Goods Co.
    Boy Scout Troop 102
    An older and their cats pose for the camera
    Liberty Hotel and Cafe
    Redland Hotel
    Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaning
    Modern Bright's Modern Grocery
    A Coca-Cola crank vending machine