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The Viet Nguyen Family Collection - Scope is Dope (1994)
Viet Nguyen
Sound |
1994 |
| English
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    Welcome to Scope
    Top Story: French Club v Chess Club
    Anlo Sepulveda as Anderson Cooper
    Student animation
    Car accident report
    Graffiti in Austin, reported by Bobby Dodson
    Gas leak on campus
    Marching band prepares for competition 
    Football team heading to playoffs
    Teen moms
    Viet Nguyen
    Up next with Anlo Sepulveda and Bobby Dodson
    Remembering yogurt shop murders
    Unveiling of Stevie Ray Vaughan statue, reported by Dave Saldaña
    Snow in Austin!
    Reagan High's new sign, reported by Viet Nguyen
    Scope commercials 
    Beavis and Butthead think Scope rules
    Star Wars Scope
    Cleaning with Scope