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The Miss Wool of America Pageant 1970
Angelo State University, Porter Henderson Library
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1970 |
| English
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    Pop star Jack Jones kicks off the show
    Folk singer Nancy Ames joins the show
    The celebrity judges are introduced
    The fall fashions of 1971 are modeled by the contestants
    Jack Jones introduces the contestants
    Glenn Ford explains the judging process
    The Primo Family performs "Get Ready"
    The contestants model more fashions
    Jack Jones introduces more contestants
    Jack Jones and Nancy Ames perform
    More fall fashions modeled by contestants
    The Primo family performs
    The final women's fashion portion
    The men's fashions are presented
    A review of the previous week for the Miss Wool contestants
    The finalists are presented and interviewed
    The coronation ceremony begins with an appearance by Miss Wool of 1969
    Miss Wool 1970 is crowned