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1977 National Women's Conference: A Question of Choices
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    Reporter Susan Caudill describes the resolutions of the conference
    Caudill describes the Women's Movement
    Caudill describes the 1977 conference and the women in attendance
    International delegates at the conference
    Statistics that support the Equal Rights Amendment
    Bella Savitsky Abzug
    Barbara Jordan
    Joan M. Gubbins
    Gloria Steinem
    Phyllis Schlafly
    Cecilia Preciado Burciaga
    Mary Anne Krupsak
    Eleanor Smeal
    Liz Carpenter
    Gloria Scott leads off first plenary session
    First Lady Rosalynn Carter speaks
    First Lady Betty Ford speaks
    Women Olympians carry a torch for women
    Olympic skier Suzanne Chaffee (right)
    Lady Bird Johnson, Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford, and Bella Abzug (L-R)
    Gloria Scott uses Susan B. Anthony's gavel
    Bella Abzug speaks
    First Lady Lady Bird Johnson speaks
    Barbara Jordan speaks
    Caucuses meet
    Civil rights activist Carmen Delgado Votaw leads the Hispanic Caucus meeting. Following the conference, President Jimmy Carter appointed Votaw co-chair of the National Advisory Committee on Women. She also served as president of the Interamerican Commission of Women of the Organization of American States from 1979 to 1980.
    The general assembly meets
    Audrey Colom proposes a motion to pass a resolution on child care
    Claire Randall proposes a motion to pass a resolution that the ERA should be ratified
    Travis County Commissioner (and future Texas State Treasurer and Governor) Ann Richards speaks in support of the ERA
    Caridee Wheeler proposes motion to pass a resolution on reproductive freedom
    Cecilia Burciaga proposes a motion to pass a resolution on insurance
    Gloria Steinem proposes a motion to pass a resolution on health
    Lenore Hershey proposes a motion to pass a resolution on homemakers
    Jean O'Leary proposes a motion to pass a resolution on sexual preference
    Maxine Waters proposes a motion from the United Minority Caucus to substitute a resolution on minority women
    Coretta Scott King speaks on behalf of the Black women in America
    Protestors of the NWC assemble at the Astrodome
    Lottie Beth Bobbs speaks against the NWC
    Nellie Gray speaks against abortion
    Dr. Mildred Jefferson speaks against abortion
    Phyllis Schlafly speaks at protests against ERA
    U.S. Representative Bob Dornan condemns the NWC
    Susan Caudill reports on the closing plenary at the NWC
    Ruth Clusen proposes a motion to pass a resolution for a plan of action
    Addie Wyatt speaks, closes the session and conference
    Susan Claudill wraps up the documentary special
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